A Mechanical Nano that Creates Unique Objects


Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 2
Cypher Limit: 3
Shins: 4

Pools and Edge
Might: 7 (Edge 0)
Speed: 9 (Edge 0)
Intellect: 20 (Edge 1)

Numeera – Can attempt to understand and identify its properties
Identify Object – Can identify the function of any kind of device. Enabler
Identify Numenera – Identify or understand numenera Trained

Others find me a bit unnerving, the difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion or deception is increased by one step.


  • Ward – Plus one Armor Enabler
  • Onslaught – 4 damage to creature OR 2 intellect damage (ignores armor)
  • Hedge Magic – Can use when i have a free hand

Descriptor Features:
Sense Numenera – Can sense whether the numenera is active in situations where its presence is not obvious.

Focus Features:
Crafter – Trained in crafting of two kinds of items. Enabler

Tier 1 Features:

Bag of light tools
Curved dagger – Light weapon



  • Reality Spike (level 7): The spike is shaped into a synth-steel forearm bracer. Once activated, the spike delivers from within the bracer and does not move—ever—even if activated in midair. A Might action could potentially dislodge the spike, but then it is ruined.
  • Temporal Viewer (level 9): This is a simple brass monocle. The lens is cloudy and pitted and it is seemingly useless as a monocle. However, once activated the wearer will see moving images and sound up to 10 minutes in length, depicting events that occurred at the current location up to one year prior. The user specifies the time period shown by the viewer.
  • Attractor (level 6): Sapphire colored translucent glass-like sphere. One unanchored item the user’s size or smaller within long range is drawn unerringly to the device when activated. Upon activation the object being attracted vanishes from reality. It then appears after one round, without momentum, in lieu of the sphere.

Small seed pod – Small orb (about the size of a kernel of corn) that pulsates heat when when touched


Not much is known about “Shadow” She keeps her past to herself and becomes very evasive when the subject is brought up. She generally keeps to herself, and trusts no one. She is always looking over her shoulder constantly on the lookout for something; and is never seen without her full hooded cloak.

She is well trained in the numenera and always striving to learn more about it. It is almost an obsession. She is not ashamed of how her body has been changed by numenera, but hides it from everyone but those she trusts.


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