Gray (aka The Gray Cloak)

A stealthy Glaive who exists out of phase


A slender man standing 5’9" who always wears a mask of pale gray colored leather covering his face and a once finely made but now tattered dark charcoal grey cloak. His hands are always covered in gloves of tough material and wears heavy wooden sandal like clogs over thick wool stocking or socks, usually of dull or drab colored materials. The only feature that most observers notice are his pale blue eyes through the eye ports of his odd, never removed mask.
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 4
Cypher Limit: 2
Shins: 5

Pools and Edge
Might: 11/ Pool 12 (Edge 1)
Speed: 10/ Pool 15 (Edge 1)
Intellect: 7/ Pool 9 (Edge 0)

Trained in all stealthy tasks
Trained in all interactions involving lies or trickery
Trained in all esoteries or special abilities involving illusions or trickery.

Sneaky but not fast: Difficulty of all movement related tasks is 1 step higher

Fighting Moves:

  • No Need for Weapons – Unarmed attacks count as a medium weapon. Enabler
  • Trained Without Armor – Trained in Speed defense actions when not wearing armor. Enabler.

Descriptor Features:

Focus Features:

Tier 1 Features:

Long Gray Cloak, Gray leather mask, dagger and sheath, quarterstaff, leather gloves, wooden clog sandals, Explorer Pack (carried in shoulder bag), bedroll, 3 days rations, 2lbs pure salt, 30 ft rope



  • Phase Disruptor (level 3): This is an intricately spiked spearhead attached to a 7’ shaft of ebony stained wood. The spear may be considered a medium weapon. When activated it puts a portion of a physical structure (like a wall or floor) out of phase for one hour. It affects an area equal to a 3m cube. While the area is out of phase, creatures and objects can pass freely through it as if it were not there, although one cannot see through it, and it blocks light.
  • Antivenom 9 (level 7): Opaque cyan spherical pill. Renders user immune to poisons of the cypher’s level or lower (and ends any such ongoing effects, if any, already in the user’s system).

Name – Glow Gum- A wad of sweet gum that emits the light level of one torch when chewed.


Glaive Background: Intensive Training

The strange man known as the “Gray Cloak”, Cape-of-Gray" or simply just called “Gray” was left as a newborn child outside the front gates of the hidden training school and headquarters of the warrior monks know as the Order of the Hidden Visage. Known renown for their abilities as spies, body guards and deadly commandos, these masked fighters were respected and feared in many lands, protecting nobles and kings with great skill and honor for centuries. His name, if he had ever been given one, is unknown and for the first five of years of years of his life he was simply called “boy child” until the Masters of the Order saw the talent or drive they were seeking for within him, thus giving him they name “Sky Eyes”, due to the pale color of his eyes. It was then his true training began.

The Order, recognizing the child’s odd abilities, raised and trained him as one of their own, hoping to help him control his unique power in hopes of utilizing them for themselves and helping the young glaive control his power. In time, he became a master of the Order’s unique fighting form of martial arts, receiving his traditional mask as those who had achieved the final tests and trials as one of the Shaded Faces, as a master of the Order’s skills are known. He was no longer called Sky Eyes and was given an ancient but finely wrought cloak of dark gray material. The masters informed him that this was the cloak that he had been wrapped in when left at their gates as an infant. When asked what name he now wished to be called, he had but one answer to give the Masters: The Gray Cloak.

Not long after earning his rank as a new Shaded Face, tragedy struck the once honorable and ancient order when a group of several corrupt members of the Shaded Faces became mercenary assassins and slew large numbers of several noble families for pay, against the Orders’ tenants. The Order suddenly found themselves as outcasts and their school destroyed by an allegiance of four entire armies. Those members, now rare in number, who survived fled to high mountain passes, hidden forests and the like in hopes of perhaps carrying on the once proud traditions of their now lost order. Some, like the Gray Cloak, scour the lands of the Ninth World seeking those who turned against their brothers and sisters so he could destroy the evil, dishonored Shaded Ones for the evil they had once committed. The Gray Cloak only used his skills in defense of others and those in need, taking only enough payment to keep him equipped and fed in order to fulfill his quest.

Some time shortly after he began his quest, he met a Jack named Nial. The two formed a partnership that later became a friendship. With Nial’s eclectic catalog of knowledge, he was able to help “Gray” (as Nial began to refer to him) focus his abilities and help him keep his form become more tangible for longer periods of time, even learning to pass through objects and Nial’s skills in repairing and identifying Numenera were becoming well known. Gray’s fighting abilities, armed and unarmed, proved the arts and training he had learned as a child were more then useful when situations became dangerous in a treacherous world. While their luck seemed to always be on the low end of things, the two of them them are still seeking all the the knowledge they can find as they travel in the Ninth World even though they seemed destined to travel different paths.

Gray (aka The Gray Cloak)

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