Spent Havoc’s Captain and Crew

  • Captain Deymish – Broad-shouldered, bearded man, about 40 years of age. He has a broad nose, bright eyes and salt and pepper cropped hair. Deymish is a good-natured fellow, he tells jokes and shares in any labor he asks of others. He is captain of a 5.5m wooden trow with two outriggers and a synth sail. The boat has an ancillary numenera artifact that helps power the boat according the the mental commands of whomever touches the command plate near the bow.
  • Crewman Derro – Short blond man, nearly twenty years old.
  • Crewman Halanka – Average height laconic man with dark long hair tied back into a pony tail.

Village of Redstone

  • Clarl – Innkeeper of Redstone Inn.
  • Dalias – Strong spear-wielding Glaive who guards the Aeon Priest’s Clave. Brother of Hataniah.
  • Frent – First man to commit suicide at Redstone.
  • Hataniah – Swift Glaive who guards the Aeon Priest’s Clave. Sister of Dalias.
  • Mayor Corl – Portly middle-aged man who is brother to Salia. He’s been the Mayor of Redstone for over twenty years. Specialist: Leadership.
  • Quarrymaster Salia – Sister of Mayor Corl and manager of over 180 men and women at Redstone Quarry. Specialist: Rock Cutting.


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