Delmorra Cashaan

A Learned Nano that Explores Dark Places


Delmorra is a female of 24 years. Rather short at 4’11" tall with a slight build. (41kg) She has long, silky black hair, dark brown eyes and fairly tanned skin.

She prefers loose-fitting clothes in tans and light blues with ties that can cinch them to her extremities. She wears flowing robes, cloaks and hoods to cover her from the sun and the biting sands.

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 2
Cypher Limit: 3
Shins: 14


Tier2: Increased Capability-
Moving Toward Perfection-+1 Edge to intellect(4xp)
Extra Effort-

Tier3: Increased Capability-
Moving Toward Perfection-
Extra Effort-

Tier4: Increased Capability-
Moving Toward Perfection-
Extra Effort-

Tier5: Increased Capability-
Moving Toward Perfection-
Extra Effort-

Tier6: Increased Capability-
Moving Toward Perfection-
Extra Effort-

Pools and Edge
Might: 9 (Edge 0)
Speed: 9 (Edge 0)
Intellect: 18 (Edge 2)

Numenera(S)(INT) – Can attempt to understand and identify its properties.
Archaeology(T)(INT) – Can Identify Ancient sites and Ruins and conduct careful recovery of Artifacts.
Searching(T)(INT) – Can make proper searches.
Listening(T)(INT) – Can hear and make out soft sounds and whispers.
Balancing(T)(SPD) – Can balance better than most.
Jumping(T)(MGT) – Can jump farther than most.
Climbing(S)(MGT) – Can climb structures.

Scan – (2INT) 10feet (1M) Cube. Creatures and/or Objects
Onslaught – (1INT) Short Range/LOS. Ray of Force/Physical 4 Damage. Mental energy, Mental 2 INT Damage

Descriptor Features:
Learned – +2 to INT Pool, 3 (T) Areas of Knowledge
Inability: Few Social graces. Charm, persuasion or etiquette increased 1 step.
2 Additional Books of Study.

Nano – Forbidden Knowledge

Focus Features:
Explores Dark Places
Connection: Rook +1 die rolls when working with him.
Additional Equipment: Explorers Pack
Dark Esoteries: No sound, shadowy displays.
Minor – Target is dazed. (1 step mod to perform actions)
Major – Target is stunned. (loses turn)

Tier 1 Features:
Trained Explorer: Trained in Searching, Listening, Climbing, Jumping and Balancing.

Text Books: Numenera, Astronomy, Geography
Tan and Blue Robes and cloak.
Side Knife – Light weapon
Explorers Pack: Warm Clothing, Sturdy Boots, 15m rope, 3 days Rations, 3 spikes, Hammer, 3 Torches, 2 Minor Glow Globes

Stone/Petrified Wood Ring

Phase Disruptor (level 3): This is an intricately spiked spearhead attached to a 7’ shaft of ebony stained wood. The spear may be considered a medium weapon. When activated it puts a portion of a physical structure (like a wall or floor) out of phase for one hour. It affects an area equal to a 3m cube. While the area is out of phase, creatures and objects can pass freely through it as if it were not there, although one cannot see through it, and it blocks light.
Hand Held: Handball, Heal 5 Pool Points
Hand Held: Finned Egg/Orb, Collects sweat for 1d6 doses~
Leather Headband: Allows 50mile Diameter of topographical surroundings.

Small, blue, slightly glowing stone that orbits the head.


The farm was neither large or small but the land was fertile and the harvests bountiful. It sat on the North-Western edge of the plateau near Picalah. Fergar, her father was a good man by all accounts. Each morning, very early he rose just before sun-up and he did not stop until the sun was but a sliver on the horizon. He had livestock as well, Shiul for their meat and milk and Yol for their wool. Cassa, her mother cleaned house, cooked the food and sheared the Yol when it was time. An educated woman who thought that their only daughter, Delmorra should spend more time with her studies than with her Thuman Roman.

Delmorra had been correlated at a very young age and though it was expensive her parents had hired tutors for her to prepare her for her chosen vocation, Archaeology. Something she had an aptitude and also a great interest for. When she wasn’t studying she was either out climbing or playing with her Thuman.

She attended her first dig at the age of 15 east of Picalah just across the river. The Reslin settlement was there but a construction worker had uncovered metal fragments in the soil. All building was halted and several people, scientists and students were brought in to investigate the find. Delmorra was among them and she had already managed to distinguish herself as a first rate cataloger though skill had little to do with it.

When Delmorra turned 13 she began to ‘feel’ a power or energy around her. Sometimes she could focus it and use it when she needed it. Sometimes it came to her unbidden and without thought. She never told her parents this but when she had began receiving tutors she began finding strange books in among the subjects she was slated to learn. The books were about Numenera, a force that exists in all things and in all people and only very few people could sense it and fewer still were able to bend it to their will. Delmorra and apparently one of her tutors knew she was among them.

There were other digs and uncovered mysteries that she was called to as time moved along. One in particular dig was conducted far beneath the earth. It was a dangerous one due to the Bloodfest Ticks and the unstable tunnels. Due to this each archaeologist were assigned a Glaive to accompany them. Delmorra was assigned a Glaive that called himself Rook. During a rock-slide the two became trapped for several days deep within the cavern. Together they managed to survive as they were forced to explore deeper into the cavern for a way out. Eventually they did but not before a special bond had been formed between them and as a result they seemed to work very well together.

Delmorra became aware of artifacts and Cyphers over time. Technologies once used long ago by civilizations long past and forgotten. She took up Astronomy and Geography and continued to learn more of the Numenera. She loved to travel and discover that which time had forgotten.

Delmorra Cashaan

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