This is a list of cyphers that are currently active in the Numenera North Campaign.


Phase Disruptor (level 3): This is an intricately spiked spearhead attached to a 7’ shaft of ebony stained wood. The spear may be considered a medium weapon. When activated it puts a portion of a physical structure (like a wall or floor) out of phase for one hour. It affects an area equal to a 3m cube. While the area is out of phase, creatures and objects can pass freely through it as if it were not there, although one cannot see through it, and it blocks light.



Motion Sensor (level 1): This convex 12-sided synth-metal cube weighs 100kg and is a mere 4" per side thus making it quite dense, but easier to roll. The unit has a salvaged readout screen connected unevenly on one of the sides. When activated it indicates when any movement occurs within short range, or when large creatures or objects move within long range (the cyphers readout display distinguishes between the two). It also indicates the number and size of the creatures or objects in motion. Once activated, it operates for one hour.


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